Business Consultancy

A Big Idea is only as successful as the team that delivers it and this team requires a thorough understanding of delivery from conception and ideation to full product lifecycle management. We help our clients effectively and efficiently implement their business ideas; be it a new venture or a evolving the current business. Our proven methodology and experience enables us to be a risk free partner in the complexities of taking an idea from proof of concept to full operations and beyond.

Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis will include the following activities:

  • Target Market Analysis (Anticipated Size and Volume)
  • Competitive Product Analysis (Capabilities and Pricing)
  • Market Adoption (Who is using them and what size are they)

Target Market Analysis

Utilizing our market analysis firms, we will determine the size of the market in revenue, potential customers and estimate potential product sales based on this analysis.

Competitive Product Analysis

Utilizing our product analysis team, we will research competitive products and determine product features, pricing, delivery models and develop a product matrix that will show you “At a Glance” your product strengths and weaknesses.

Market Adoption

As our final activity, we will contact existing clients utilizing comparable products and determine the market adoption of these products. In addition, we will guage the clients openness to changing products based on your product's capabilities and pricing. This will allow us to understand market's acceptance of a new product, how quickly your product could be sold and the investment that is required for this growth.

Product Design

Once the viability of the business idea is validated through Market research, our R&D team would facilitate the Product Design phase that includes:

  • Value Statement
  • Interactive Product Presentation
  • Recommended Pricing, Sales and Distribution methodologies

Value Statement

We will help you identify the key values of the product and how these will be positioned with the client during the sales process.

Interactive Product Presentation

Our team will prepare an interactive presentation which demonstrates the UI/UX and key product features enabling a demonstration to be given to investors or potential clients.

Recommended Pricing, Sales and Distribution methodologies

Based on the market analyses we will recommend the market pricing, as well as the sales and distribution methodology that will enable you to understand the complexity and costs associated with gaining the market traction you want to obtain your revenue and net profit goals.

Go to Market Pre-Sales

Once the Product Designs are finalized, the functionality is defined and the pricing has been set; our team will assist you in pre-selling the idea to a set of targeted potential customers. This enables you to adjust the pricing or product features and determine a final go to market strategy.

  • Select Target Client List
  • Define Sales Approach
  • Engage in Customer Sales

Select Target Client List

Our team will help you select the proper clients based on client's functional needs and pricing sensitivity.

Define Sales Approach

Our team will assist you in defining proper key product values and product strenghts based on clients list.

Engage in Customer Sales

Our team will provide business and technical sales assistance for pre-sales to defined clients list.